Tips for a healthy skin and hair

healthy-hair-and-skinA lot of us need some assistance when it comes to taking care of our hair and skin. It is also a fact of life that a lot of us do not want to spend time researching for the best health care practices or spend time actually doing them.

Well you may not be fond of the idea of asking your wife or your girlfriend for her moisturizer or for that anti-aging serum inside her handbag but you might want to read on to find out how to resolve some of the most common hair and skin problems:


If you want to clean your skin, you may want to try sonic cleansing that help get rid of bacteria and dead skin. The system works better than just washing with a cloth or using your fingers. One or 2% concentration of salicylic acid works well if you apply it using pads or you can also use some astringent to unclog your pores. Bacteria can be addressed using benzoyl peroxide.

Excess oil

Aside from blotting papers, you can make use of glycolic acid wash or pads.

Eye bags

If you are bothered by eye bags, you can use cold packs made of ice gel or topical caffeine. It will also help if you sleep using two pillows. Fluids tend to accumulate under the eye when you just sleep flat. A little elevation helps a lot.

Dry skin

You may need to change your habits in the shower if you want to address dry skin. Use warm water instead of the steamy hot and instead of soaping your whole body, just go for the body odor prone and oily spots like buttocks, armpits, groin, feet, ears, neck, face, chest, and back.


You can have dandruff on your chest, back, face, and scalp. Yes, all those places. This may also explain why you have acne or redness on those areas. You need zinc pyrithioine shampoo. Use a scalp scrubber so you can lift and get rid of the scales. You can also use a sponge or exfoliating cloth.

Tips to pull off wearing any pair of boots

If you think wearing men’s boots is just for a cowboy party or for hiking, then you need to think again. You have a good number of options. So gets, reboot your brain and read on our tips how you can pull off wearing your pair of boots:

Dealer Boots or Chelsea Boot 

The dealer or Chelsea is easily distinguishable by its ankle-high height, close fit, and it does not sport laces. Instead you have a goring, an elastic panel that stretches when you put it on or off. The Beatles and the rest of the mod scene people in the 1960s donned Chelsea boots.

There are more refined versions of the dealer boots today that come with nice dress shoe soles. So this pair of boots can go well with your suits. Of course you need to consider the cut of the suit to ensure perfect harmony. Make sure your shirt’s collar, tie, and other accessories complement the slimness of the boots.

Turf, bucks, or chukka boots

The chukka is also ankle high but the similarity with the Chelsea ends there. This pair comes with three pairs of eyelets for the laces and is often made of suede. These boots became very popular back in the 1940s thru the 1950s.

Today soccer dads and even college kids strut chukkas. It is very easy to wear. All you need to do are straight-leg denim and an Oxford shirt and you are all set. Make sure your jeans does not break when it gently goes over the boot. It is all about clean lines when you wear a chukka.

Cowboy or Western boots

I guess there is no need to describe these boots. How you picture them is how they really look. These are similar to the riding boots that have been popular for centuries but it is only until the 1860s when top stitching and angled heel were added to its styling.

If you will be wearing these in the city, it will be better to get the tan or brown pair with rubber sole. Pair it with dark jeans, an Oxford shirt, and a sport coat made of tweed.

Neckline during hot weather months

MensSummerCasualShirtIt will not be a big deal if you show some skin in hot climates. Aside from buying lightweight clothes with breathable fabrics, another way to keep the temperature down is by allowing the chest and neck to breathe. Here are some necklines that can be perfect for the summer:

Heatwave getup

There will be places and there will be days when we have to endure 100 degrees. Although the male physique will look good in tailored and fitted shirts, it can be a torture in hot climates. What will be more appropriate will be looser and clothes that allow air to flow thru them. If you are going for a beach holiday, these kinds of shirt will be idea.

Tank Layering

If you will be going to the beach, you can go for tank layering. Put on a graphic tank top and a short-sleeve shirt. Pair them well with a pair of jeans to complete the easy look.

Summer Knit

Knits are there any time of the year. There are knits suited for the summer weather. You can go for really thin ones made of cotton-silk combo. Of course a low-cut neckline is a must. It is more comfortable than a t-shirt and at the same time dressier. Wear this for dinners or summer night events.

Opening band

Stay cool and enjoy the breeze with band-collared shirts. You will not have that collar on the back to deal with and all you have to do is undo some buttons for a very relaxed look. Complete the casual look by having some metals and leathers.

Loosen up

You can have up to three or four buttons undone when wearing a washed shirt. This look is not just for the suave men but anyone who is fit plus a dose of confidence can pull it off. Get summery fabrics for your shirt and pair it with your linen pants that look best with the low neckline. Trim your chest hair a bit for a cleaner look.

Fashion Tips for Men: 25 essential items for your new wardrobe

You might have been planning to revise your wardrobe. A properly planned wardrobe should have pieces which basically work together. So your ties will go well with your shirts and the shirts pair well with your pants and so on. You pull items in the dark and you can still dress well.

Getting new pieces should not put a hole in your bank account too. We narrow our list down to the basics. And from here you can build your wardrobe moving forward. Once you have these pieces, it is really up to you how you will mix and match to have a casual, formal, or office look. When shopping for items, go for quality as you will be having them for quite some time as the foundation of your wardrobe. You also do not have to hurry rebuilding your wardrobe as it may take a few months or up to about two years before you edit that closet quite well.

If you want to reinvent your look and want to get the essential pieces for your wardrobe:

  1. Dark navy suit for four seasons
  2. Classic tuxedo
  3. Seasonal suit with pattern or texture
  4. White formal shirt with covered placket
  5. Light colored oxford shirt
  6. Dark slim jeans
  7. Khaki or neutral slim chinos
  8. Black elegant belt
  9. Brown elegant belt
  10. Neutral watch timepiece
  11. Versatile bands for your watch (#9)
  12. Classic shades
  13. Turtleneck sweater in neutral
  14. Neutral cardigan in solid shade
  15. Black dress shoe with plain toe
  16. Brown wing tips, sharp boot, or classic loafers
  17. Desert boots or a white sneaker
  18. Classic peacoat
  19. Neutral scarf
  20. Stripe tie
  21. White pocket square
  22. Neutral checkered shirt
  23. Neutral trench
  24. Black bowtie
  25. Simple tie bar in silver

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Fashion Tips for Men: How do you wear that Velvet Blazer

The velvet blazer has been making some buzz this season. It gives someone some good look with an extra dose of character. Today the velvet blazer is among the essentials that you want to have in your wardrobe. It also gives you several options depending on the look you want to achieve.


You can wear your velvet blazer with your favorite well fitting denim. A lot of people will say this is a cliché but it works. The textures are contrasting and create a relaxed but neat look. You can wear a t-shirt under the blazer and put a patterned handkerchief in pocket to get that edge. Finish the look with a pair of Converse or go for that brogues.


The velvet blazer is also perfect for the parties this holiday season. Get that elegant and flamboyant look by pairing your burgundy blazer with some white trousers and have a pair of dress loafers. You can pair this shade of velvet blazer with a shirt in the shade of navy blue that will go well with the shoes.


You can also boost your mood in the office in this slumping economy by donning a cool velvet blazer to work. You can stick with the black and burgundy scheme and you will never go wrong. You can go for slim fit trousers in grey and pair it with classic looking black shoes to keep it corporate.


You can play with the velvet blazer during a black tie event. Go for a double breasted look plus your usual tuxedo items – trousers, dress shirt, patent shoes, and bow tie.

These are just some of the looks you can achieve with the velvet blazer and just proves that you should consider it in case you do not have it yet in your wardrobe.

Have A Hot Date? Try Davidoff Hot Water!

Davidoff Hot WaterLet’s say that you have a date tonight and you are looking to make sure that you smell amazing yet you want something different.  While Davidoff’s Cool Water scent is definitely one of the most popular scents, have you ever tried Davidoff Hot Water?  This is actually one scent that every man should have in his closet for date night.

Davidoff Hot Water actually makes quick use of the scent of Patchouli as well as red basil and absinthe.  If you want something that is a little bit different and smells a little bit spicy and hot – that is what Davidoff Hot Water is all about?  The oil actually has an aroma of heat, which is something that you do expect from Davidoff.

You want something a little masculine and primal?  That is what Davidoff Hot Water is all about.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver — The Cologne Of 2010!

Tom Ford Grey VetiverWhen it comes to cologne, we all know that most guys are absolutely clueless on what to wear.  They want something that smells good, is fresh and clean, yet will linger.  Well guys, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is the cologne of the season for you.

Not on does the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver have a little bit of a pimento, moss, nutmeg and vetiver feel to it, but it is very light and fresh, for it has some great grapefruit and citrus blends as well.  What this means is that the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is actually the perfect cologne for the office.

It starts out fantastic and fresh but as the day progresses; it actually moves onto another scent and it will keep you awake!  Beautiful cologne and definitely one worth checking out!

Graphic Tees Are Hott!

image1xlIf you think that hoodies are hot on guys, you are going to absolutely love the next trend for the spring and summer months and that is graphic tees.  Graphic tees are something that have been around forever, but nowadays, they seen to be becoming more and more popular and this spring, it is off the charts how popular these tee shirts are.

Now, there is no limit to the graphics on the tees however you want to make sure that you choose something that looks fantastic on you and choose some colors that look great together.

Graphic tees are not all that hard to find either because there are a ton of different stores that carry them – and you don’t even have to find a designer graphic tee!

Hoodie Fashions — Skinny Hoodies Are In!

Ed+Hardy+Men+zip+jacket+with+hood+g_569_4231In this day and age, it seems that men are taking the metro sexual phase to its peak and there are still men who are walking around in girl’s clothes yet they are not gay – they are metro sexual.  Personally, I think that this is hot, but if you want to be a guy that wears guy clothes, yet still look hot, you should try out a skinny hoodie.

Personally, I think that when a guy wears a hoodie, it should be against his body and it should show off some of the curves and some of the beauty of his body and you can not do that when you are constantly wearing a baggy hoodie.

Hence the reason for skinny hoodies.  These hoodies are actually incredible and really do make the man in them look amazing!

Spring Coat Trends for the Boys: 2

zaraRemember that whole “April showers bring May flowers” bit? Well, in most parts of the world, February showers and March showers lead to flowers as well.

So guess what, boys? You are going to need a raincoat. A stylish raincoat. Not one of those hideous yellow slickers.

No, a Zara raincoat is more the speed of a true fashion prince.

Polished, elegant, professional, yet amazingly affordable — what could be better?

Just check out the Zara web site, you will never want to shop for coats anywhere else!